The Journey

Republished from Rivers of Consciousness, Last edited on Saturday, December 31, 2016Ever since I was a little girl I had a dream of making change, back then when little did I know about the word ‘change’ itself. Even though I was too young to analyze a way on how I should make it and transform myself. But I was always positive that I should never follow the foot steps of my mother and have a life like hers when I grow up, because all I see her was cook, clean, wash and rarely goes out only to do some shopping and the same routine takes place every single day. There were even times when I complained about her make ups and out fits when she came to pick me from school because she barely had enough time to change and put make ups. It was then when I started to wonder why my mother or most of the women in our society for that matter chose to live in such a way. It took me much longer time than I thought it would to come up with the answer, but some how I was able to figure it out, the only reason why these women were suffering is because they didn’t go to school. Hence I believed that education is a key for every thing so I made a strong deal with myself that not only I should go to school but also learn well.

Through out my early years in the journey of education I happened to notice some people  around me who claim themselves to  be educated  but have a life exactly like my mother’s  which gave my little innocent  mind another  puzzle to solve. It took almost all my high school years to figure out this one, but the moment I found the answer which is after a lot of contemplation, it boosted out my inspiration to go further. The point was this people never had the word change in the vocabulary of their lives nor the idea of making change. The only reason they went to school was just to get the title of ‘Scholar’. Then it came to me that education alone does not make the difference though it is the base for all the great things around. As soon as I found the solution my mind got bombarded with interrogating questions: How do I make this change? What is my real worth? Where does my real talent lie? What can I contribute to the already existing life style?….and the like.

The Journey

It was in the middle of this unstable situation that I joined the Eritrean Institute of Technology, where I was having a life that was full of fun and socialization that made me totally forget and drop my lifelong dream of making change because I barely had private time to think about my self, to have a worthy conversation with my innate. Back in college I used to do every tiny activity of my days with my roommates so it was way impossible for me to fulfill the one thing I wanted since I was small and this led me to the conclusion that some dreams are never meant to come true. To make things worse I joined the department that let alone I disliked but never even thought about (literature). But as times passed I started to fall in love with it and for everyone’s surprise I was really good at it.  The secret was that I never listened to my heart’s desire all I was up to was the celebrated fields of study just to make a name for myself and my family. But once I did it, that made all the difference. When I was about to finish my four years of stay in college one sweet day had come and I suddenly felt the urge that was buried deep inside of me - the urge of making change. And I took that urge all the way and proved myself to no one but my own self which gave me the sense of contentment I never felt before. What was left was what I am doing now reflecting myself to the rest of the world and which I will keep on doing to the rest of my life.

Through out my entire journey of solving those questions that gave meaning to my existence, I came to witness one thing, the powerful role education plays in individuals lives if applied with commitment and hard work. But I also learned how valueless it will appear if efforts have not made to cultivate it since being educated is far more than mastering one field of study and wining a trophy. The one who sees life at every possible dimension, who learns from his mistakes, who does not allow comparisons to affect his self-esteem, who pays respect to people no matter what, who empowers others, who listens to heart’s desire - he is the educated one. So if we all agree upon this fact, let’s begin to make change right away and give meaning to our existence but first thing is first, lets start it by recognizing our talents…Remember: everyone is good at something.

The best and right way of knowing what our real talent is, to listen to our innate, to take time to have meaningful and honest conversation with ourselves because everything we want and we are great at does not come from our surrounding but it is right within us. We find the answer to every equation that life would bring inside of us. However knowing what you want only is never enough instead the endeavor one goes through to prove him/herself to his/her own self and to the rest of the world fulfills the true meaning of education.

Last but not least, everyone out there, now is the time to reflect yourself through every possible way. Especially all my girls be strong enough to change the very wrong superstitious belief that society imposed on us ever since the very first day of our existence in this world that, “we have less value than our brothers”. This not only made us appear inferior but deep inside we question if our potentials are as equal as theirs. So we should make this history by proving ourselves to our own selves first and eventually to the rest of the world through reflecting our experiences and talents by applying the education that we earned both directly and indirectly and lead a purpose driven life.

A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.

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