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Collaboration has never being easy. Mutual work seems a bit far from us. We are unconsciously overwhelmed by the immeasurable noise infused by the corporeal business out there. Trying to cope with the fast moving individualism we miss the big target – that is the essence of being human beings. There are few if not none, who stand by and try to uplift to those who are left behind. Knowingly or unknowingly we are immersed into a continuously overshadowing culture of individualism. Despite this at ND PROMO, backed by NQUHDEMENA (ND), our principle is mutual growth. We believe one can survive and then thrive both in business and consciousness by the principle of collective consciousness. And the essence of collective consciousness is realized when our hearts are united.  Together, ‘united hearts’ learn the art of balanced life. ND PROMO, invites every one of you to be part of this cosmic adventure.  

What can you benefit and what can you do at ND PROMO?


  1. CREATE YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE by contributing articles related to your field of study or future plan interests with communal benefit in mind   
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  1. Create your Business profile with the communal benefit in mind
  2. Benefit from our affordable website design, hosting and promotional services
  3. Learn how to seamlessly Integrate consciousness into your business     

Join our Mind and Business promotional community platform today and let’s grow mutually!

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