Education -The - light

Republished from Rivers of Consciousness, Last Modified: Friday, January 5, 2017: I remember myself when I got puzzled, frustrated and being doubtful about what my teacher told me something I did not expect. I had improved my behaviors. I had stopped making whatever loud voices in class while class was going on. I had stopped forgetting my bag anywhere. I had started doing my class-or-home-works more or less appropriately. Thanks to all the efforts put by my dedicated, committed and hardworking teachers, my transformers. I had grown up to the level of thinking about how long our teachers studied before they became teachers. Then, as I usually did, I asked one of my teachers, how many years he studied to become a teacher. He answered, “sixteen years.” That was shocking, frustrating, unbelievable, and seemed meaningless. I was in grade three and sixteen years meant thirteen years more.

I had reasons to suspect his answer. Firstly, I could not see if there really was any subject that should take whole sixteen years to study (I always thought my teacher was the extreme top in the vertical axis of learning). Now I smile at the idea and the simplicity of that little me whenever I remember this. Because now I am transformed, the eyes, ears, brain … the whole body I have is that the entire little crude biological creature in me had. The difference is the transformation through education.

The second reason which frustrated me was that even if there existed any subject that really needed all this length of time, I never thought I could tolerate to go that far. I thought schooling was only for children and I would be too old for school soon. Here I strongly doubted the seriousness and truthfulness of what my teacher told me. Anyway, the journey never stopped. I kept on climbing up on the steps of the ladder of education. Here I have to confess I don’t exactly remember when I started to see things the way my teacher then and I now see, but at some stage I realized (discovered) that there is a vast subject called KNOWLEDGE that you study throughout your life. I also have studied for about 23 years already, which is 16 plus, and I still believe I have a long way to go educating myself, enriching my knowledge. Everything has changed, thanks to education, that little, narrow-minded, confined, fully created biological being who could have wasted all the visions and the talent has been transformed into a fully  conscious, boundless, highly reflective competent man, praise to those who invested in educating me.  

This transformation is the revelation of the light. This light is not seen by the eyes, it is seen by the soul. It breaks the bondage chains of ignorance. Ignorance is darkness. When the soul is bright, there is no limit. Light from the sun is for sight, but education as light is for life. Let’s see the analogy in this way.

on edu on soul

Say a man with very healthy eyes and no other problem is put in an underground with no light source at all. One meter away there is a very delicious serving. 50 Centimeters away, there are very sharp materials that can cut his foot severely. 20 centimeters away, there is a snake that is so poisonous. The man is very hungry. Can he eat the food when he even cannot see that it is there? Can he avoid the poisonous snake by taking care not to irritate it? No. Why not? Because he does not know that it is there. So can he loose his life unnecessarily? Yes, because he does not know that he is at risk. Can he die from starvation? Yes, because he does not know what resources he has. Why? Because he cannot see. Does he not have eyes? He does have eyes, but there is no light. It is dark.

Similarly, an uneducated man does not know what resources are around, how to use them, the risk associated with his activities or natural process etc. So he may not use his resources, he may die unnecessarily or harm himself. Why does not he know? Does not he have brain? He has the brain, but he does not have the light, EDUCATION.

It is undeniable that many have lived and are living the bottom scale of life simply because they lack education. A virgin land with lots of minerals cannot be mined without education. The risks that come from natural hazards, enemies or daily activities can not be anticipated but risked without education. Education is the light for life to see its way long. That is why education is the true light of life.