One day I will be a great teacher. That is what I dream. Now I am a student. My classroom is the world and my teacher is the universe. As you can see my ultimate dream is to be a great, great teacher. I will be a teacher who can influence the imagination of one million students with in a time slice of one minute. Then, I will be a Conscious Teacher who can productively communicate with his students in every second. Dear kids, are you going to accompany me to reach my big dream? I hope so. So let’s communicate.

Conscious Teacher

Today, I am going to share with you about who is a conscious teacher. The century we are living in, that is the 21st century is very unique for its technological advancement. It is very unique that every professional needs to rethink about his/her skill and profession. An architect, a lawyer, a technician, a doctor, an engineer, an author, a manager, an administrator and the rest all, need to evaluate themselves on how they are performing. They must ask: “Am I productive or not?” A teacher, however, needs to be thousand folds aware of his/her responsibility. There is no doubt a teacher is the light of knowledge in this world. Now I will define a conscious teacher. A conscious teacher is a teacher who can meet the knowledge demands of the 21st Century learners. So that Conscious kids will be cultivated, kids who can grow and live consciously.

I heard you asking, ‘But what does it mean by conscious?’ That is a good question, beloved kids. To be conscious means: to be aware of what exists in the universe, what works fine and what doesn’t, to be mindful. Also it means: to be awakened and respond to the environment. As the illustration in this page shows, a 21st century teacher has to be aware of: Technology, Education, Art, Culture, Humanity, Enlightenment and Renaissance. Then he/she will be a conscious/mindful teacher of 21st century. In the weeks that follow, I will explain these seven factors of a conscious teacher.

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