History tells us that we humans were created or the other way round evolved longtime ago. Irrespective of the reality that we have been here for a long period of time, our creation process is not still over. So far as we remain disunited we haven’t achieved the complete instance of ourselves. We are still in the process of creation. I am convinced that we are on the making. Leaving the fact of creation or evolution aside, which have no importance for our dialogue here, we humans know for sure that being human is something unique. And this uniqueness is still in the process that no man on earth has attained it so far. We have been sliding within the continuum between nothingness and being human being.  

If you have developed a simple, common sense, senses of observation, look deeply into what the human being have come to be. We are among if not the leading groups of animals exhibiting Selfishness, ignorance and hatred. Our disharmony witnesses how much away we are from our communal mission of realizing humanity. The kindness and love reflected by some domestic animals like dogs and cats outshine the act of most of us, leaving ourselves bewildered.  Look again deeply, our most significant tool, our intelligence is being used to invest on our selfishness, hatred, destruction and in the long run to only realize how ignorant we have been.  But there is hope. As Benjamin Franklin puts it, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.” Our foolishness will teach us a lot. And for every foolishness there is a threshold, a tipping point, where we realize how far a path our ignorant emotions have led us. Global catastrophes are some of the events we respond together. It is at such moments that our hearts tuned to oneness. Otherwise, we intentionally don't want to realize that the commands of our individual minds are working to fulfill our egoism irrespective of its negative influence in the communal advantage. There is also a personal or individual level threshold – most of the time called as the calling. This is for the lucky ones. And those are the only people playing a leading role in keeping the wisdom of the collective consciousness alive.   

There is Hope

We never take time to turn the pages of wisdom that has been with us from the beginning. Instead our egoism has grown up into a cosmic beast while our altruistic nature diminished into invisible point. This making, by an autonomous process has lost the manual of the making and led us into this beast. But still there is a hope. The hope is that the beast is no good at all. The suffering brought back by this making is teaching us that we were misled and/or misleading. This realization is the threshold, the turning point - a start for another making in the creation, but now for the original plan – realizing cosmic altruism – united hearts.

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